1 - How do I know if my penile curvature needs treatment?

If the penile curvature is physically or psychologically damaging such as:

  • Difficulty or impossibility of penetration
  • Easily folds and / or escape from the vagina / anus
  • Discomfort in the partner, impairing the sexual intercourse or the quality of the partner
  • Embarrassment of penile appearance
  • Scared and / or shame of what the partner will think
  • Scared of frustration in the relationship
  • Scared of not being able to perform the sexual act
  • Sexual intercourse in the dark for the partner do not to perceive the problem
  • Scared and / or shame of the partner to tell their friends

It means the evaluation is necessary. The success rate in penile curvature correction is directly linked to a good diagnosis, with the evaluation of the problem in the entire penis.


2 - Is it possible to correct a curved penis? How is the size after correction?

The purpose of curved penis treatment is to restore and maintain sexual function. The doctor must be aware that the man with penile curvature is anxious and apprehensive.

In the curved penis there is one long side and the other short.

The previous surgical techniques decrease the size of the penis, due to decreasing the size of the long side and then they leave it in the same size as the short side.

With the Egydio's technique, it is possible to lengthen the short side of the penis until it become at the same size as the long side, so it is possible to recover the lost size.


3- Can the congenital curvature facilitate the occurrence of traumas that may also develop a Peyronie's disease (acquired curvature)?

Yes, there are cases which a penis has a congenital curvature and predisposition to trauma because of the curvature itself that facilitates escape from the vagina, bending and forcing the penis during the sexual intercourse and also, in many cases, associated with an erection due to psychological aspect that involves this problem, may also develop Peyronie's disease.


4 - My penis escapes easily during intercourse, in addition I feel pain in the point where it is folded. Even erect, it is possible to fold it easily. Is there a clinical treatment option, without surgery?

It is clearly seen that its curvature has made your penis escapes from the vagina. The correction is indicated to avoid traumas or microtraumas that will favor the appearance of another type of curvature, different from your curvature, which is the curvature acquired or Peyronie's disease. In cases of more severe trauma, what we call a penile fracture may even occur. There is no efficient clinical treatment so far for these cases.


5 - Is the penis curved downward normal? And does this kind of bending cause pain in your partner?

When the penis has a slight curvature upward, it can be considered normal because the inclination of the vagina is towards to the navel and therefore the directions agree with each other, generating satisfaction for the couple. When you have a curvature downward, depending on the position, the penis can be forced and develop even a greater curvature, in addition, causing pain in the partner's vagina.


6- Can the curvature of the penis increase? If pushing the penis in the opposite direction to the curvature in the attempt to correct, can it cause a trauma?

Yes, it can develop an acquired curvature (Peyronie's Disease). I suggest a careful evaluation for a better diagnosis and definition of the best treatment. I do not recommend forcing the penis in the opposite direction of the curvature in an attempt to correct the curvature, it may cause a trauma to the penis and may further aggravate the curvature and end up causing bigger problems.


7 - The way that I keep my penis in my underwear, can develop a curvature in the penis?

Congenital Curvature is present since the young phase, where genetic factors (heredity) are responsible for penile tortuosity. This curvature, which the young man has already been born with, can progress to Peyronie's Disease, which means, a worsening of the curvature caused by traumas and lesions in the elastic tissues of the penis, causing loss of size, greater tortuosity and thinning.

The way you keep your penis in your underwear does not develop a penile curvature, it's myth. The penis tends to get accustomed to the positioning lateralized by the frequency of use, but it is not an important curvature that will interfere in the functionality of the penis. What we have to worry about is to avoid traumas when it is erect. For example, if the penis is poorly accommodated inside the clothing and the man has an erection, it can cause stresses that may cause trauma and consequently deformities.


8- Since I was a kid I have problem of curvature in my penis. My first sexual intercourse was disappointing. And then I looked for a urologist. I feel the stitches under my skin since this day and it cause a lot of pain. My penis got smaller after the surgery. I did this surgery twice, because at the first the stitches broke after two months and the penis become bent again. The stitches at the base of the penis still hurt. Is this normal, after all these years?

It is possible to correct the curvature by stretching the short side or reducing the long side. In your case, the long side has been reduced with nonabsorbable wires (which do not disappear over time). Apparently, after the second surgery the problem has been solved, however, the stitches are still bothering. In some cases where these points still bother, I have reoperated the patients and taken these points. I use only absorbable points (which disappear over time) in penile surgeries to avoid this type of problem. I have reoperated many patients in which the stitches are bothering.


9- I had a surgery with another professional and my penis decreased in size, besides I feel pain where the surgical wires are. If I remove the surgical wires, will the curvature come back?

I have reoperated several cases to solve the problem of unabsorbable surgical wires, wires that do not disappear with time, which start to bother and cause pain. Depending on how long the surgery was performed, the surgical wires can be removed, and will not necessarily return to curvature. This is possible to check during the withdrawal surgery. There are cases in which it is necessary to associate procedure of correction of the curvature after the withdrawal of the surgical wires, in the same surgical act. I have only used absorbable wires (which disappear over time) in all situations. As this problem has been troubling you a lot, it would probably justify reoperating it. This would require an evaluation.


10- Is it common to lose erection using condoms in men who have a penile curvature?

Probably the loss of the erection when putting the condom, is due to the factor of psychological embarrassment. Once you look at the penis, you will not only be seeing your problem, but you will also be afraid that the partner will notice you. These issues favor erection loss. If this is troubling, it would justify a specialized evaluation to define the best treatment.


11- What is the recovery time after surgery?

The procedure is in the hospital-day method, in the words, the patient is hospitalized in the morning, receives sedation and local anesthesia for the procedure. As the surgery is performed in the morning, he has discharge after lunch and there is no need to sleep in the hospital.

There are three steps to the final recovery of the patient: return to work (7 - 10 days post surgery), return to physical activities (30 days post surgery), and return to sexual life (45 - 60 days post surgery). Dates may vary according to the recovery process of each patient.


12- Penetrating devices (penile extenders) can correct a penile curvature?

I recommend that you do not use these kind of devices without guidance and medical follow-up to avoid worsening curvature and even greater problems. Do not fall victim to advertising appeals.

There are discussion about this topic at the world's largest and best medical congresses and the opinion of the vast majority of experienced professionals confirm unsatisfactory results for correction of penile curvature with the use of traction devices (penile extensors).


13- Can phimosis and / or frenulum breve be responsible for penile curvature? Can surgery to correct these problems correct the curvature?

The penile curvature occurs because a membrane with less elasticity than normal causes the penis gets a curvature.

The skin of the penis is rarely a determinant of a curvature, even though it has a very large elasticity.

In congenital curvature, there is more often becomes bent to the down and / or to the sideways, leading often to the interpretation that the frenulum breve is responsible for the curvature, which is usually not true.

Therefore, a surgery only to correct phimosis and / or frenulum breve hardly correct the problem of curvature, which can be seen during surgery to verify the non-rectification of the penis by an induced erection.


14- Exercises for the penis, such as use of devices and medicines that I found on the Internet, can correct the penile curvature?

I strongly recommend to do not any exercises, use devices or take medicines that claim to be miraculous without guidance and medical monitoring to avoid worsening curvature and even greater problems. Do not be a victim of advertising appeals.

I have received patients with penile traumas caused by exercises and / or devices bought on Internet that promised many results.


15- I have a penile curvature and I can not solve this problem alone, how should I introduce this situation to my parents?

I recommend that you show the website to your parents, the website may helps them to better understand your situation.

Sometimes our parents have thoughts different than ours (by difference of creation, generation, experience of life, etc.), however, they are our true friends, in any situation, in the good and bad moments. No one wants our happiness more than our own parents. 


16- Is it possible to perform phimosis surgery and correction of penile curvature in the same surgical procedure?

Any patient who has phimosis should tell the doctor if they have a penile curvature. This is because the two corrections can be made at the same time with the same scar and taking advantage of the same anesthesia. I have realized that many times the patient has no idea what a normal penis is. If you are in doubt, consult a specialist.


17- Can premature ejaculation be associated with penile curvature?

Yes, it may be associated with curvature, due to the anxiety it causes. In many cases, correcting the curvature, this problem is solved as well. If it is not associated with curvature, there is treatment and an evaluation is critical.


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