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1- With a penile prosthesis, will my penis increases in size?

Examinations should first be made to see if the penis has reduced in size throughout life, in the words, check for fibrous tissues in the body of the penis. If it is observed a decrease in size, it is possible to recover the measures lost through Penile Reconstruction and introduction of Prosthesis (malleable or inflatable).
REMEMBER: the implant alone does not recover size, it will only give greater support and firmness to the penis. It is necessary to expand the penile tissues to the limit of the nerves and the urethra, before putting the prosthesis. In medicine we call this as penile reconstruction procedure.

2- Does prosthetics affect ejaculation and orgasm?

It does not affect, because it is necessary to protect the nerves of the penis during the procedure. In this way, sensitivity and pleasure in the sexual act are also preserved.

3- What is the recovery time after surgery?

The procedure is in the hospital-day method, in the words, the patient is hospitalized in the morning, receives sedation and local anesthesia for the procedure. As the surgery is performed in the morning, he has discharge after lunch and there is no need to sleep in the hospital.

There are three steps to the final recovery of the patient: return to work (7 - 10 days post surgery), return to physical activities (30 days post surgery), and return to sexual life (45 - 60 days post surgery). Dates may vary according to the recovery process of each patient.

4- Will I lose caliber and Size after inserting the penile prosthesis?

The surgical technique I use aims to recover the size of the penis, to the limit of the vessels, nerves and urethra. About the percentage of increase, this will be confirmed after face-to-face assessment (in consultation).

5 - How much does the penis grow with the erection or penile implant?

I will stretch the maximum that your bundle of nerves and urethra allow. There is no way to predict an increase in centimeters before an evaluation in consultation, each body has its particularity.

6- Is it possible to identify men who has a penile prosthesis / is it visible on the clothes?

This is a very recurrent question for patients who opt for the malleable implant. The most important in the surgical process is the penile reconstruction, which means, expanding the tissues that gives a greater malleability to the penis and then it can be accommodated in a more discreet position. Patients who opt for the inflatable prosthesis do not have this type of problem, because after the sexual act simply deflate the penis to have the flaccid aspect.

7- After the surgery will my penis be cold?

The surgery I perform preserves the maximum of tissue (also called sponge) inside the cavernous body, maintaining the natural erection and acting in conjunction with the prosthesis.

8- What is the most suitable prosthesis for my penis?

This will be defined after face-to-face evaluation and specific examinations that I make in consultation, each penis has a type of structure and its particularities.
The patient's preference for some model and their lifestyle should also be considered. All of the aspects should be evaluated to provide the greatest size and caliber of the penis. Sometimes it is the partner who chooses!

9- With the malleable penile implant, will I have a permanent erection?

You will not have permanent erection, but you will have your penis elongated. When excited, you will have a natural erection supplement, you may notice the blood flowing trought your penis, and also you may notice an increase in size, caliber and temperature.

10- What is the useful life of the prosthesis?

The prosthesis has a lifetime warranty. If there is a problem, which is rare, the company will provide a new implant.

11 - Is it possible to change the prosthesis for some reason?

This is indicated only if the prosthesis functionality is compromised.

12 - Can the prosthesis be rejected?

The prostheses that I use are bathed in antibiotics so there is no risk of rejection or infection of it.

13 - During surgery may there be a need to remove the corpus cavernosum?

I do not remove the cavernous body, which are the internal tissues of the penis. The prosthesis is introduced in order to preserve the largest possible percentage of penile tissue, this is what helps maintain the temperature and sensitivity of the penis.

14 - Can I lose the sensitivity in the penis especially in the glans?

The sensitivity of the penis is completely preserved, but be sure to consult a medical specialist for the use of appropriate surgical techniques.

15 - After the penile implantation, will I feel pain during the sexual intercourse?

It can cause a little, but only in the first relationships. Over time you will adapt to the presence of the prosthesis, healing being complete there will be no pain during the sexual intercourse.

16 - How do we proceed during the sexual intercourse?

Usually, always make sure you have good lubrication. Use of GEL based on water and other oils.

17 - Is there any limitation in sexual intercourse such as: axial effort, traction and or the partner tightening the penis?

There are no sexual limitations, the prosthesis will give enough rigidity for penetration.

18 - Does the prosthesis generate physical limitations practicing sports activities such as: bodybuilding, cycling, swimming and long runs?

30 days after the surgery, the patient can practice physical activities without limitations. It is important remember that the practice of physical activities must be monitored by the cardiologist.

19 - With the surgery will the penis fill the two sides of the penis?

Yes, you will keep filling the cavernous bodies normally.

20 - Can the prosthesis break during sex?

In the case of malleable prosthesis, there is a risk of breakage or reoperation for maintenance. However, most patients maintain the same prosthesis until the end of their lives, without exchange, usually having sex.The inflatable prosthesis has a maintenance rate of 1.5%, and there may be a need to change over the time (due to the more frequent use).


Restoring penile size and girth before the implant

If the penis has thinned or shortened, reconstruction is fundamental before prosthesis

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Malleable prosthesis with penile reconstruction

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Inflatable prosthesis with penile reconstruction

When reconstructing, it's posible to use a larger caliber implant and ensure vertical firmness

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Penile Prosthesis when correcting the Peyronie's

That's the best moment to restore rigidity, size and girth, in the same surgical procedure

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Prosthesis implant with minimal risk of infection

In cases of diabetes, performs the implant procedure without touching the skin

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Inserting prosthesis and solving incontinence

It's possible to implant the artificial sphincter and the prosthesis in the same surgical procedure

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Reversing unsuccessful prosthesis surgery

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Reconstructing base of the penis and ensuring rigidity

It's important to remove fibrosis to guarantee more firmness, lengthening and penile girth

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