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1- Is it possible to correct a curved penis? How is the size after correction?

The purpose of curved penis treatment is to restore and maintain sexual function. The doctor should be aware that the man with penile curvature has very great anxiety and apprehension.
The penis, with a curvature, will decrease in size. This decrease will be even greater with a curvature.
The previous surgical technique decrease the penile size, because it reduce the long side of the penis until it leaves the size of the short side. With the surgical technique I developed (internationally recognized as "Egydio Technique"), stretching the short side of the penis to the size of the long side, the maximum possible recovery of penile size is achieved in a surgical procedure .

It is possible to correct with local anesthesia and sedation (to sleep during the procedure), with the possibility of discharge from the hospital in the same day. It's possible to return to work and / or study, except physical activities, in 1 or 2 days.
The postoperative is calm with common analgesics. To return to sexual intercourse it is necessary to wait about 6 weeks (a month and a half).

2 - Which is the biggest penile curvature possible?

The curvature tends to be progressive and may worsen during the evolution of the disease. When the curvature has been there for at least 6 months without worsening or improvement, it should not worsen unless another Peyronie episode occurs.


3 - When is there a surgical indication for correction of penile curvature?

I reserve the surgical treatment only in the cases which the clinical treatments do not obtain satisfactory results. Statistically, from all of patients who develop the problem, only 30% will require corrective surgery.

The success rate in the correction of the penile deformity (curvature) is directly linked to a good diagnosis, with the evaluation of the problem in all its dimensions. The doctor's experience about the situation is really importance, to arrive at the best diagnosis and to indicate and carry out the best treatment.


4- What is the percentage of men who develop the disease?

In the American book of Peyronie's Disease, where I was invited to write a chapter, I talked about the curvature correction and disease statistics. The data has shown that approximately 10% of adult men will develop deformity in the penis.


5- Which is the highest risk position for a penile trauma?

Are the positions where the partner is active in the sexual relationship, because the penis is predisposed to the trauma. When the man is active, he voluntarily controls the range of motion and, hardly, the penis will hit the perineum when it leaves the vagina during the sexual act, causing a trauma.


6. Can I have Peyronie's disease more than once?

It may take more than one time, that’s why the trauma prevention is very important and may prevent recurrence of the disease. An evaluation is fundamental.


7 - There are cases of Peyronie in which there is no curvature?

Sim, logo após a fase inflamatória.


8- When should I look for a specialist?

The patient should seek the specialist immediately at the beginning of the symptoms, because when the treatment is started even in the inflammatory phase, the chances of scars formation are smaller, with better results, and it’s possible to avoid the surgery.


9- In case of trauma to the penis during sexual intercourse, should I seek a specialist?

In cases of more severe trauma, in which a crack occurs and the penis immediately swells due to the rupture of the tunica albuginea, popularly called as a penile fracture, you must seek an emergency room immediately.

In cases of trauma without swelling and immediate hematoma, but with erectile pain after trauma, the early medical follow-up is important, as it is in this stage of inflammation that the best results are achieved, using only clinical treatment.


10- Are the oral, injectable or topical treatments indicated in Peyronie's disease?

In the inflammatory phase of the disease, clinical treatment should be attempted. A careful evaluation is essential for defining the best treatment.


11- During penetration, my partner may have some discomfort?

Yes. Penetration can be facilitated with the help of the hand, but the partner may experience discomfort during the relationship, thats why, the dialogue and complicity are very important for the partner to report if she is causing discomfort and / or pain. In many cases, the partner is embarrassed and avoids speaking about it to avoid frustrating the patient. You must be very careful too, depending on the degree of curvature, forcing the penis in the relationship can cause trauma that will further aggravate the problem, causing a diffuse Peyronie and even a more serious trauma to the penis. If you are having difficulty in penetration, forcing the penis during the sexual activity, it's essencial an evaluation.

12- Can Peyronie's Disease Lead to Premature Ejaculation?

Yes, due to the anxiety that the disease creates in the patient, the pain during erections or deformity of the penis. In many cases, correcting the curvature, this problem is solved. If premature ejaculation is not associated with Peyronie's disease, treatment is available. An evaluation is fundamental.


13 - Can Penile extenders correct the Penile Curvature?

I recommend that you do not use devices without guidance and medical follow-up to avoid worsening curvature and even greater problems. Do not fall victim to advertising appeals.
There are discussion on the topic at the world's largest and best medical congresses and the opinion of the vast majority of experienced professionals confirm unsatisfactory results for correction of penile curvature with the use of traction devices (penile extensors).


14- Exercises for the penis, the usage of devices and medicines that I found on the Internet and that promise to correct penile curvature. Do they work? Is it safe?

I suggest you to do not make these exercises, devices and medicines that claim to be miraculous without guidance and medical monitoring to avoid worsening curvature and even greater problems. Do not be a victim of advertising appeals.
I have received patients with penile traumas caused by exercises and / or Internet-bought devices that promised many results.


15- Can Peyronie's disease disturb the flow of urine and sperm?

Yes, depending of the degree of the curvature.


16- Is Shock Wave Treatment effective in correcting penile curvature?

I receive many patients in my clinic, who report having invested considerable resources and did not get the desired results. Because of it, I want to alert you to the latest research on this treatment, published by the ISSM (International Society of Sexual Medicine) in 2018. See your position below:

"Given the current lack of regulatory agency approval for any restorative (regenerative) therapies for the treatment of ED and until such time as approval is granted, SMSNA believes that the use of shock waves or stem cells or platelet rich plasma is EXPERIMENTAL and should be conducted under research protocols in compliance with Institutional Review Board approval. Patients considering such therapies should be fully informed and consented regarding the potential benefits and risks."

Click here to see the complete message of the International Society of Sexual Medicine in March 2018.

My intention as a doctor is to offer reliable information, to guide you to understand the difference between experimental and proven procedures.


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