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We know that penis size is very important to man. As I mentioned on the Blog, there are several factors that can lead to a reduction in size and that there are some ways the patient follow up on this issue. However, the best diagnosis is obtained through a functional examination of the penis to evaluate the erection and if there are fibroses interfering in the elasticity of the penile tissues.
When the prosthesis is indicated and the penis is thinned or diminished, it is very important to make the correction at the same moment the implant is placed. Otherwise the patient runs the risk of being dissatisfied, with a smaller penis and low self-esteem. In this case the solution requires relaxation incisions in more than one point, in order to obtain the best recovery of the size and size according to the published concepts of Egydio Technique. The reconstruction is performed with stretching of the penile shaft to the limit of the size of nerves and vessels (responsible for the sensitivity in the glans). Watch the video demonstrating the application of these concepts with the erect penis at the time of surgery, aiming at correcting stiffness and reducing size in the same procedure.
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Restoring penile size and girth before the implant

If the penis has thinned or shortened, reconstruction is fundamental before prosthesis

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Malleable prosthesis with penile reconstruction

If reconstruction is performed, the penis gets more malleability, girth and vertical firmness

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Inflatable prosthesis with penile reconstruction

When reconstructing, it's posible to use a larger caliber implant and ensure vertical firmness

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Penile Prosthesis when correcting the Peyronie's

That's the best moment to restore rigidity, size and girth, in the same surgical procedure

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Prosthesis implant with minimal risk of infection

In cases of diabetes, performs the implant procedure without touching the skin

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Inserting prosthesis and solving incontinence

It's possible to implant the artificial sphincter and the prosthesis in the same surgical procedure

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Reversing unsuccessful prosthesis surgery

Dr. Egydio has a vast experience in complex and unique cases like these

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Reconstructing base of the penis and ensuring rigidity

It's important to remove fibrosis to guarantee more firmness, lengthening and penile girth

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