Dr. Paulo Egydio, Urologist and Andrologist, was graduated with honors at “Hospital das Clínicas”, from University of São Paulo’s Medical School, and specialized himself at Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

He is internationally recognized as today's greatest specialist in the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease and Congenital Penile Curvature, as well as in cases of Male Sexual Dysfunction. Pioneer in the Penile Reconstruction Surgery, he is the author of Egydio’s Technique and other surgical procedures patented in the United States and Europe.

Over 20 years of medical experience, Dr. Paulo has performed more than 6000 penile surgeries aiming to recover the patient's sexual life and to restore the maximum length and girth of the penis.

Constantly focused on researching the Urology field, he has become a member of international societies, reviewer and author of several scientific articles for well known medical magazines. Accredited by other physicians, he is frequently invited to teach classes and perform demonstrative surgeries in Congresses, Universities and Medical Centers around the world.

He is currently the director at Dr. Paulo Egydio Clinic - Advanced Treatment Center for Peyronie, Congenital Curvature and Penile Prosthesis Implantation, located in Sao Paulo, where he receives patients from many countries.

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XXIII Jornada Carioca de Urologia 2018

November 2018 - In Brazil, Dr. Paulo Egydio was invited to present a lecture about "Peyronie's disease, Penile Prosthesis, and state of the art techniques" at the "XXIII Jornada Carioca de Urologia".

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LXIX Congreso Nacional de Urología (SMU)

November 2018 - In León, Mexico, Dr. Paulo Egydio presented 4 classes at the "LXIX Congreso Nacional de Urología", a conference promoted by the "Sociedad Mexicana de Urologia (SMU)".

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19th Annual Fall Scientific Meeting of SMSNA

November 2018 - Dr. Paulo Egydio presented a case study during the "19th Annual Fall Scientific Meeting of SMSNA", in Miami, USA, about the most difficult Peyronie's Disease surgery he has performed. 

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XV Congresso Paulista de Urologia

September 2018 - Dr. Paulo Egydio was one of the lecturers at the "XV Congresso Paulista de Urologia", in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The presentation about Malleable Penile Prosthesis Implant is available on the link below.

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XIII Reunião Ibérica de Andrologia

June 2018 - Back to Porto, in Portugal, Dr. Paulo presented the lecture "Tips and tricks in Peyronie’s IPP Surgery". The event has been promoted by the European Association of Urology.

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MD, PhD, Urologist, graduated from USP - University of Sao Paulo

International reference in penile treatments, especially surgical cases.

Author of the famous "Egydio Technique", patented in the USA and Europe.

Writer of books and international scientific articles, more than 20 years of publications and continuous innovation.

Specialized in clinical and surgical treatment of several types of penile curvature and other deformities .

Guest teacher - Performs live surgeries and teaches classes in congresses and universities worldwide.

Joining forces with technology, his experience guarantees a precise diagnosis -with induced erection during consultation.

Standard of excellence in the urogenital area, with high levels of patient satisfaction.

Minimally invasive surgery - sedation, local anesthesia and hospital discharge on the same day.

Receives patients from all over Brazil and also from abroad.


Dr. Paulo Egydio is known as one of today’s greatest specialists in urogenital reconstructive surgery, author of the surgical technique internationally known as the Egydio Technique.

  • Frequently participates as Guest Teacher in Universities and International Congresses, teaching classes and performing demonstrative surgeries in several cities and countries such as the United States, France, Russia, Italy, Germany, Spain, China, Greece, Denmark, Serbia and Australia, among others.

  • Internationally known as one of today’s greatest specialists in the urogenital reconstructive surgery field, especially in penile treatments, such as penile deformities corrections (curvatures, narrowing, size reduction), penile curvature (Peyronie’s Disease and Curved Penis in Young Patients), erectile dysfunction (sexual impotence), penile prosthesis implants (malleable, inflatable), penile cavernous bodies surgery, partial or complete penile reconstruction, testicular prosthesis implants, urethral surgery, microsurgery, surgery for urinary incontinence treatment.

  • Frequently recommended by medical professionals and national and international urological centers, also recommended for more unique and complex cases.

  • Creator of the Surgical Technique internationally known as the “Egydio Technique”, patented in the USA and Europe – Rectifies, lengthens and restores function.

  • Urology Assistant Professor in the Urology Clinic at “Hospital das Clínicas” of University of São Paulo’s Medical School – USP, for 8 years (Brazil).

  • Specialist Degree from “Center for Sexual Function – Cleveland Clinic Foundation”, Cleveland – USA.

  • Microsurgery refresher course – “Cleveland Clinic Foundation”, Cleveland – USA.

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery refresher course - “Section of Prosthetic Surgery and Genitourethral Reconstruction, Cleveland Clinic Foundation”, Cleveland – USA.
  • Lato sensu postgraduation from “Mayo Clinic – Mayo Graduate School of Medicine” – USA.

  • Urology PhD from University of São Paulo’s Medical School.

  • Medical Residency in Urology for three years at “Hospital das Clínicas”, from University of São Paulo’s Medical School - USP.

  • Medical Residency in General Surgery for two years at “Hospital das Clínicas”, from University of São Paulo’s Medical School - USP.

  • Author of scientific articles for major international specialized medical magazines (“Urology”, “Journal of Urology”, “British Journal of Urology”, among others). Author of several chapters for national and international medical books. Often invited to teach classes and perform demonstrative surgeries in Congresses, Universities and Medical Centers around the world.

  • Full Member of the Brazilian Urology Society.

  • Member of the “International Society of Sexual Medicine”.

  • Member of the “European Association of Urology”.

  • Member of the “American Association of Urology”

  • Member of the “Sexual Medicine Society of North America”

  • Member of the “Society of Urologic Prosthetic Surgeon”

  • Member of the Latin American Sexual Medicine Society

  • Member of the “Professional Association of Andrologists of Russia”.

  • Member of the “International Society of Andrology”

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The clinic has a multidisciplinary and highly qualified team for a specialized service, complete and with quality. Get specific content about your case or ask for our contact.


Doutor em Urologia (PhD) e médico andrologista, Paulo Egydio lança o livro "Como cuidar de seu melhor amigo [Que não é o seu cão]", para desmistificar que, ao urologista, resta apenas o papel de "bombeiro".
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Ao chegar à terceira idade, aumenta a chance de todo homem enfrentar problemas hormonais, de próstata, a Doença de Peyronie, disfunção erétil, incontinência urinária etc. Mas todos esses incômodos são tratáveis, principalmente se diagnosticados no início. Não há nenhum obstáculo para que o homem tenha uma vida sexual feliz, mesmo na terceira idade.
Agora homem feito, aquele que era apenas um rapaz deve saber agir nessa nova fase da vida. Seu pênis e sua vida sexual geram outros compromissos e exigem novas respostas.
De repente, o garoto acorda um dia e percebe que seu corpo está ficando diferente. Começam a aparecer pelos. Ali mesmo, perto do pênis. E não para por aí, a pele muda, a voz muda, o cheiro muda, o cheiro muda… Ele deixou de ser uma criança, mas continua precisando de cuidados.